Rudy Chimo III

Rudy is a CRE Development & Private Equity Fund – Connector with over 20 years of professional business development experience in Las Vegas. He is passionate about bringing value to the lives of everyone he meets, and creating mutually beneficial partnerships across multiple sectors and industries.

At Wolves LLC, Rudy leads broad-based business development for emerging and strategic venture capital opportunities, leveraging his credentials and expertise in commercial real estate development, private equity fund, aviation and hospitality. He is the convergent relationship liaison for capital investments, property development, and growth, and he identifies and recommends leadership emerging companies for investments. He also helps connect high-level individuals and corporate organizations to various CRE and PE fund verticals, such as hotel/casino, industrial, residential, mixed-use, and opportunistic projects. Rudy’s goal is to enable new and innovative solutions for multiple industries and beyond, and to strengthen the market position and performance of his clients and partners.


Being an intermediary in the commercial real estate development industry refers to the role of a professional or a company that acts as a middleman or facilitator between various parties involved in commercial real estate projects. These intermediaries play a crucial role in connecting developers, investors, landlords, tenants, and other stakeholders, and help facilitate transactions and negotiations throughout the development process.

Wolves LLC bridges the gap between various stakeholders, providing market expertise, facilitating transactions, and offering valuable advisory services throughout the development process. Our role is instrumental in driving successful commercial real estate projects and maximizing opportunities for all parties involved.

Professional Expertise and Offerings as an intermediary in the commercial real estate development industry:



Being an intermediary in the aviation industry means acting as a middleman or a facilitator between different entities involved in air travel. Intermediaries play a crucial role in connecting various stakeholders within the industry, such as airlines, passengers, travel agencies, and other service providers.

Wolves LLC plays a vital role in connecting aviation leaders, business developers, and investors to provide opportunities for new ventures and growth. We leverage technology, industry relationships, and distribution channels to support our clients.

Professional Services as intermediary in the aviation industry:



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