Rudy Chimo III

Rudy Chimo III is a distinguished Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Development and Private Equity Fund Connector with over two decades of experience in numerous sectors including commercial and residential luxury real estate, industrial warehousing, oil and gas, commercial solar initiatives, private aviation, and hospitality. Rudy is recognized for his business development expertise at Wolves, LLC where he directs capital investments and property developments, delivering growth opportunities for all parties involved.

During his time at Wolves, he has been able to establish and nurture high-level connections that led to improved market positions, as well as top tier performance metrics for his clients and partners. Rudy’s leadership in emerging opportunities has made him a trusted mentor and advisor in the business community in Las Vegas and beyond.

Rudy has successfully launched and managed multiple companies and is known for making decisions that bolster investor confidence and client satisfaction.

Throughout his career, he has been dedicated to promoting sustainable development, community, and local economic growth. Rudy also encourages industry best practices through speaking engagements and as a contributor to leading business and real estate publications, sharing his expertise with the next generation of entrepreneurs and developers.

His legacy will continue to leave a mark in both commercial real estate development and private equity, which positions his partners and clients at the forefront of innovation and success.


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